"Young carers are children or young people under the age of 18 who provide regular and on-going care and emotional support to a family member who is physically or mentally ill, disabled or misuses substances.”

We know there are young people in the Surrey Heath CCG area who are carers but do not receive any support.  Help us find them!

Meet Lucy, a Young Carer from Surrey Heath who talks about the help she gives her Mum - and the support she receives as a Young Carer.


Young carers look after a family member such as a parent, brother, sister or other relative or they might care for a family friend. The person may live in the same house as the young carer or somewhere else.

Young carers provide physical care, emotional support, carry out domestic tasks like cooking and cleaning or provide child care. They may also do things like pay the household bills or translate for relatives who don’t speak English.

Half of all young carers provide up to 10 hours of care a week, while many others are caring for more than 50 hours a week. It’s not surprising that young carers often struggle to fit in other activities like school work, playing sport or meeting up with friends.

To refer a young carer, or to refer yourself, please follow this link.

Visit the Surrey Young Carers website for lots of information to help support young people in a caring role, help them to achieve their best at school, have fun, discover new interests and make new friends.

We use Surrey County Council's Young Carers Joint Strategic Needs Assessment to help us, and our partners, understand the needs of young carers living in Surrey Heath and what more needs to be done to support them. Click here for more information.

Young Adult Carers and Pharmacy Support

Besides looking after day to day needs, young carers often have sole responsibility for medicines. The video looks at how caring impacts on the lives of two young adults, and the support available from their pharmacists around medicines.

Chat Health School Nurse Text Service

Chat Health is a text service from Children and Family Health Surrey that enables young people at secondary school to reach out to the school nurse team to ask for help about a range of issues, or make an appointment with a school nurse confidentially.

The service is for anyone aged 11-19 at secondary school looking for confidential advice on a wide range of issues such as bullying, emotional health and wellbeing, sexual health as well as illnesses. The service is available Surrey-wide.

Young people using the service feel it is a less embarrassing to ask for health advice on personal issues by text than in person or over the phone.

Through Chat Health, young people can also be linked into other local services including emotional support or sexual health services.

Chat Health is:

  • Confidential
  • Quick and easy
  • Anonymous
  • Non-judgemental

How Chat Health Works

Messages sent to the dedicated number 07507 329 951 are delivered to a secure website, and responded to by a school nurse. This line is manned Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm and texts are usually replied to within one working day.

Anyone who texts the service out of hours will receive an automated message explaining where to get help if their question is urgent and when they can expect a response.

The Chat Health text number is 07507 329 951

NHS England Young Carer Health Champion programme

Calling all young carers aged 16-24! Join the NHS England Young Carer Health Champion programme in July 2018.

The Young Carers Health Champions 12 month programme was established to support improved health literacy, promote health and wellbeing and develop the capacity of young carers to participate in planning and development of young carer friendly services. It aims to support service change through young carer voices. 

If you are a young adult carer who wants to make a difference then this programme is for you. More information is available pdf here.  (392 KB)

Armed Forces Young Carers

There are currently 6,200 service personnel, 250 reservists and an estimated 42,000 veterans living in Surrey, with a potential 2,865 armed forces children. A number of these children will be caring for family members – usually parents or siblings. Young carers in this community face unique challenges – especially when a parent is on active service. These can include:

  • The challenge of moving home (and schools) frequently, and having to start over
  • Feeling tired and stressed, worrying about all the responsibilities and extra tasks they have – cooking, cleaning, looking after siblings
  • Being bullied and having no time for themselves
  • Being late to school, missing whole days, and falling behind
  • Worrying about injuries and potential bereavement
  • Being left as sole carer when a parent is posted away

Action for Carers Codename Carers animation explains how life can be – but crucially explains that there is support, help and advice out there for all armed forces young carers in Surrey.