The CCG is dedicated to ensuring that we work with, involve and engage with a variety of people, groups and nationalities which make up the Surrey Heath population.

In Surrey Heath the majority of people are of working age, however there is an increasing number of residents who are aged over 65, with a particular increase in those aged over 85. Although the CCG population is predominantly white British, there are other minority groups, such as Nepalese. There are also armed forces personnel, veterans and their families living in Surrey Heath. All these groups have specific health needs. More information on the make-up of our population can be found here.

Involving the public helps us to better understand people’s needs and to prioritise those people who experience the poorest health outcomes – enabling us to improve access and reduce health inequalities. We engage with our population in a number of different ways, such as public meetings, and these details can be found here.

We also go out into the community to engage with local groups and communities who may not be able to attend large meetings. The below are just a handful of recent outreach engagement the CCG has carried out.

Old Dean, St Michael’s and Watchetts

Substantial outreach work has been done in the community of Old Dean which is the CCG's single largest area of deprivation. This work includes:

  • CCG attending the annual Old Dean community fun day to promote living well, smoking cessation, uptake of flu jabs and diabetes prevention. Through attendance at this community event it subsequently raised awareness of the local health services. In addition to this, 23 people took a carbon monoxide test and was given on-the-spot information and support on how to stop smoking.
  • Attendance at the Old Dean Community meetings. The CCG hosted an information stand at one of the meetings and promoted health and wellbeing advice to attendees.
  • Working with borough, county councillors and community leaders covering Old Dean St Michael’s and Watchetts to alleviate poverty and potential years of life lost in these communities, which includes the Nepali community, has commenced with a three-month project to identify support and gaps in support for these communities.

Homeless community

While the numbers of homeless people in Surrey Heath are low, we believe that no-one should be homeless and we are working with our partners, in particular Surrey Heath Borough Council and the voluntary sector, to provide prevention and support services for those who are homeless or rough sleepers. 

Through partnership with The Hope Hub charity, we have been able to provide:

  • a mental health support worker at the Hub;
  • stop smoking advice and support;
  • information on medicine management;
  • foot care session;
  • diabetic eye screening;
  • flu jab clinic; and
  • blood pressure testing.

Upper Gordon Road Surgery is the designated GP practice supporting The Hope Hub clients.

Nepalese community

Through working with the Nepalese community elders, we have provided this community group with specifically tailored talks, one of these on diabetes has led to the development of the Surrey Heath CCG's Diabetes Champion Programme where up to five local Nepali’s will be trained to signpost members of the community with queries about their condition to increase understanding of their condition and improves self-care and self-management.


We are working with carers organisations across Surrey Heath to provide support to carers in the local area. The 2019 Christmas tea party for carers and those they care for was supported by Boots No.7, Costa Coffee, U3A Choir and the Inner Wheel.