We hold three public meetings a year in January, May and September, with the aim of working in partnership to discuss health and social care needs, how we can meet these needs and involve you in designing and procuring services. Public meetings are interactive with digital and group table discussions plus:

  • Specialist topics with engaging speakers that are experts in their field
  • Latest news from Surrey Heath CCG & Surrey County Council Adult Social Care services
  • Opportunity to meet key leaders from health and adult social care services as well as residents, organisations and healthcare providers in Surrey Heath
  • Real-time digital polls and discussions delivered by our interactive tool Slido to inform commissioning decisions 
  • Table discussions which are facilitated, scribed and captured to infrom commissioning decisions
  • Question and answer session via an open forum
  • Marketplace exhibition

Public meetings are held at Camberley Theatre, Knoll Road, Camberley GU15 3SY.

Marketplace Exhibition

The first 30 minutes to an hour of the meeting is dedicated to a marketplace exhibition. This includes up to 10 stalls from various community groups and organisations which relate to the theme of the meeting. The exhibition is a good opportunity for networking for the public, community groups, Community Representatives, the CCG and invited guests as well as raising awareness of the services available in Surrey Heath. 

CCG and Adult Social Care Updates

All Public Meetings usually begin with an update from Dr Andy Brooks who is our Chief Officer and Michelle Head who is Area Director of Adult Social Care at Surrey County Council. This session gives a general update on national NHS and Adult Social Care developments as well as the work and progress made since the last Public Meeting and it also contains the 'You Said, We Did, So What' element. This is where we discuss the actions we have taken following your suggestions and input from the previous meetings. This is then followed by a question and answer session with our leaders where you get to ask the questions that matter to you.

Your Views

At every Public Meeting we aim to have discussion points to capture your views which will inform commissioning decisions.We do this by having a facilitator and scribe on every table and by using our digital tool, Slido. The meetings are designed to be interactive and encourage two-way communication between the public, patients, community groups and the CCG and it's partners. 


We use a digital tool called Slido to interact with our audience at Public Meetings and with the wider community. Slido allows us to capture your views and information and build these into our commissioning plans. Any smart device such as a smart phone or tablet can be used to connect. We provide Ipads for anyone who may not have access to a smart device. We also make sure to go over how to use Slido at each Public Meeting. You can choose to participate anonymously or make yourself known to us. At each meeting you are provided with a unique code to participate in the event via Slido. To ensure everyone has a fair chance to get their views across and to give time for feedback we leave Slido open for up two weeks post the event to allow for submission of comments. It's important to note that you do not have to use Slido. For information on how to use and connect with us on Slido pdf click here (468 KB) .

Twitter: Live-Tweeting

We live tweet every Public Meeting to allow for people who cannot make the Public Meeting in person to participate and hear about what is going on.We encourage everyone attending to tweet if possible so that our virtual audience can get a real feel for what's happening in the room.


Evaluation forms are distributed to all Public Meeting attendees and we then thoroughly review these and make improvements based on the feedback we receive. This also includes suggestions for future Public Meeting themes and discussion points. We produce an overall evaluation of the event and discuss this at the Public Engagement Group for further feedback and input. 

All questions and feedback from public meetings recorded and responses compiled into the ‘You said, We did, So what’ document. This is then uploaded to this website, circulated to our community via our website sign-ups and then presented at the following Public Meeting.

We try to ensure everyone has a voice and can submit comments, suggestions and feedback via:

  • Handwritten evaluation forms
  • Notes from table discussions 
  • Scribed notes
  • Slido Polls and questionnaires
  • Evaluations on Slido
  • Slido remains open for up to two weeks after the Public Meeting to allow people to add any comments after the event
  • Open Q&A session 
  • Collate social media comments and review

How to access Public Meeting information

All agendas, presentations, 'You Said, We Did, So What' and evaluation and outcomes are published here.

Upcoming Public Meetings

  • Click here to view details of our 2018 and 2019 Public Meetings 

Details on each event will be published on the NHS Surrey Heath CCG website here, Facebook, Twitter and information will also be emailed directly to those on our mailing list.

Please click here or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive further information, invitations to events or to join our mailing list.