We recognise that local people know their own communities the best. If you have an idea that could help with people's physical or mental health, in any way then we want to hear from you. No idea is too small or too large, we will provide opportunities for further development and support of your ideas through networking, peer learning and funding. 

  • Community driven
  • Supported by community involvement
  • Training and development opportunities
  • Networking and mentoring
  • From £500 to £5000 funding

Dr Peter Bibawy, Former Clinical Chair of North East Hampshire and Farnham CCG, which launched the original Innovation Conference, said:

“The success of the Innovation Conference is that it isn’t so much about the money. It’s about mutual support between local people, the voluntary sector, local authorities and the NHS.

“It is also a recognition that the public sector doesn’t have all the answers to the health and care challenges we face and that there is a wealth of knowledge, experience, talent and energy in our communities that we can and must tap into.”

If you have not been involved before it’s very difficult to describe the impact that the Innovation Conference has on everyone that attends. The vibrancy, the energy, the conversations, the help, the buzz, that X-Factor that is generated on the day is truly difficult to describe. Everyone who attends is able to help shape the projects, providing ideas and suggestions to grow the idea, even suggesting links to other local projects with common aims.